Interroll Transfer Car PM 9750

The new Interroll Transfer Car is the perfect solution for loading and unloading full or empty pallets in picking and commissioning areas, junction lanes and Interroll Dynamic Storage lanes. Transport speeds of up to 5 meters per second can be achieved, enabling even greater distances to be bridged quickly and safely, for example in the area of commissioning or the connection between warehouse and production.

The new and highly dynamic Interroll Transfer Car weighs only 275 kilograms and, thanks to its intelligent drive concept, does not require a moving control cabinet for the electrical connection. The chassis consists of bolted steel profiles powder-coated in RAL 1021. Power is supplied to the Interroll Transfer Car via a conductor rail.

Lateral, adjustable guide rollers on the transfer car ensure absolute directional stability at higher speeds. Durable and low-wear Vulkollan wheels ensure smooth running and reliable vibration damping. The Interroll Transfer Car is especially designed for combination with Interroll flow storage systems. The perfectly matched interface ensures high system availability and high safety at the same time.

Your Benefits

• High System Safety

Lightweight Design

• Energy Efficient

• High Throughput 

  • Easy planning with Layouter-tool
  • Max. Space Utilization
  • High Availability
  • Easy Assembly
  • Low Maintenance

Main Features

• up to 5 m/s speed

• Lightweight design, only 275 kg

• for EUR EPAL pallets up to 1000 kg